Welcome to Chicken Haulin: Cluck Cluck in a Chicken Truck?  I'm pleasantly surprised in the interest in The Facebook group page. Once reaching 4000 than this page has exploded with interest from lots of people and more ask to join each day.  This group was started from this website, with hopes of a more interactive platform. On the website, people have sent in their truck photos that are posted on the site. Look at a 48 state atlas for a listing of your favorite truck-stops. Government sites listed to start you own business in trucking. A link to your DAC is on the site to keep up on your driving history. is the second of four websites I have been working on since 1999. My Facebook groups have made it possible to communicate with lots of drivers and owner/operators who work hard to make a living in the trucking industry

  I get emails and phone calls asking for ACHA souvenirs, the guy I used to get them from has gone "Houdini" on me and original stuff I can't find.  I'm in the process of creating new stuff. I've got some stuff listed on  and I plan to update the logos. The stickers, lots of people ask for, are near impossible to find a printer to make them affordable enough to get in large quantities, so Id appreciate any help on this. 

  I have driving semi-truck for almost 20 years and have driven for various companies. Sorry guys, my Facebook account wont ever list anybody I have worked for. I have driven in the lower 48 and Canada. I've pulled dry van, step deck dry van, refrigerated, and flat bed, and I enjoy my job as a driver as a company man and owner/operator. I look forward to many more years driving and hope to meet new folks from around the USA & Canada, as well as around the world that might stumble across my sites.  

I welcome Chicken Haulers, Bull Haulers, Cattle Haulers, Swine Haulers, Livestock Haulers, Freight haulers, Tankers, Flat Beds, Heavy Haulers, Expediters, and anyone who loves the trucking industry. We don't get much respect out here, and if we stick together, I believe we all can get the industry back from what seems to be taken over by lots of organizations that have no real interest in our industry.  Also I may decide to join your ranks as a bull hauler someday. I welcome people to discuss anything related to the industry, and I understand that not all conversations are clean in content.

I welcome advertisements about chrome for the truck; feed lots, repair facilities, Mom & Pop Truck stops, and Major Brands. Where are the best truck washes, places to park a truck as not many exist in any guide. Welcomed are other truck pages & groups similar to this. Trucker driver apparel, shirts, hats, coats and so on.

Welcome everyone, and thank you for join this page I look forward to conversations, and meeting you out on the open road!

Robert Garza



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Post Script: is not affiliated with Landstar System Incorporated (aka Landstar Transportation) is just a domain name that is easy to remember & to give to people.

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